Geared for precision

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Crown Engineering is a market leader due to our stringent quality processes

The Crown Engineering team has created a reputation in the heavy industries for pinpoint accuracy, total precision, and second-to-none quality. When teams across the mining and resources, energy, sugar, and defence sectors, in particular, need components that’ll go the distance, they come to Crown Engineering. Our team is ISO 9001:2015-accredited.

Here’s how we achieve the best quality in the industry every time.

Define exactly what you need

It starts and ends with what you need. In order to meet your exacting standards, we need to comprehensively understand exactly what you need.

This process is carried out from your initial enquiry. It continues until the final delivery of manufactured components and the compilation of Manufacturing Data Reports (MDR) or Quality Documentation Packages at your request.

Follow stringent quality processes

Crown Engineering follows set procedures and processes that ensure quality of the highest standard. Every component is scrutinised and compared with its relevant standards, as well as your customer requirements, to achieve the right results.

This includes:

Verify, calibrate & test the equipment assessing yours

We use testing and measuring equipment to ensure accuracy, so it’s essential this equipment itself is continually calibrated and tested. The Crown Engineering team frequently verifies dimensional inspection practices, gear metrology, and paint specifications to ensure your specific requirements have been met.

Ensure traceability of materials

Each material we utilise in the development of your component will be traceable, from the purchase to the delivery of the manufactured component. This includes all testing and verification of any fabricated, manufactured or gear-ground components.

Report, comprehensively

Crown Engineering compiles specific and detailed reports for each manufactured component we develop. All reports and certificates are fully traceable and will form part of your quality package or an exclusive MDR – depending on your requirements. 

All quality documentation will be available for auditing for up to five years or as per the warranty period.

Reports may include:

Geared for precision.

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