Geared for precision

Meet Crown Engineering

The team at the forefront of engineering for more than 100 years

The Crown Engineering name is one that’s become synonymous with precision. We’re a leading provider of engineered gears, gearboxes, transmission parts and industrial components here in Australia and across the globe.

It comes back to our workmanship, extensive knowledge, and 100 years of providing precision.

Built on the back of four generations of Suchtings

Established all the way back in 1920, Crown Engineering came onto the market as a team dedicated to quality and precision. Since then, the company has been passed from generation to generation, with each new Suchting driving that quality and innovation a little bit further.

Today, brothers Ray and Ian are at the helm. They’re still driving the company towards that same original vision: world-class engineered products and a cutting-edge approach. It’s that approach that has seen our reputation for precision cemented in the industry.

A rich history of 100 years & counting

Crown Engineering Works PTY LTD was established

Crown Engineering was created by Wilhelm Suchting as a new engineering, iron, and brass foundry business. Wilhelm was Ray and Ian’s (our current directors) great-grandfather. He started the company with his two eldest sons in a Brisbane garage on Tank Street. Sydney was the bookkeeper, and Douglas worked on the factory floor. 

Crown Engineering Works Pty Ltd officially begins its
journey on the 25th May, 1920.

The original Tank Street team
The second generation

After the sudden death of Wilhelm, on his way to work at age 53, Wilhelm's second eldest son, Douglas Suchting, becomes managing director. Sydney Suchting remains the company bookkeeper.

The ball got rolling
Purchase of land at 62 - 66 Hope Street, South Brisbane. All machinery and foundry equipment moved into new factory circa. early 1930s.
John Suchting’s apprenticeship

Douglas’ eldest son, John, started his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner.

Bill & John took over

Douglas's second and youngest son, William (Bill) Suchting completes his Bachelor in Engineering degree and starts his career at Crown Engineering Works Pty Ltd.

Sydney leaves

Sydney Suchting left the business to pursue other interests. He remained a minor shareholder until his death in 1961 at age 68.

First hobbing machine

The Crown Engineering team purchased their first hobbing machine – TOS OF10.

Ray Suchting’s apprenticeship

John's eldest son, Raymond Suchting, started his apprenticeship as a fitter and turner.


Douglas Suchting decided to shut down the foundry due to too many union disputes.

The third generation

Douglas Suchting retired at the age of 75. Both John and William (Bill) Suchting managed the business with equal authority. John became the workshop manager (director), and William (Bill) took over the managing director’s role.

The end of an era

William (Bill) Suchting retired at age 50. As William had no sons coming into the business, the decision was made to close and de-register Crown Engineering Works Pty Ltd. The Hope Street land and building, including the machinery, were to be sold, and the income was split equally between the brothers.

A new beginning

John Suchting and his eldest son, Raymond Suchting, decided to restart the business together. They purchased new land at 3 Bronze street, Sumner Park and William's share of machinery was then purchased by John Suchting. They registered the business with the new name of Crown Engineering Pty Ltd. 

By removing the "Works" from the original company name but retaining Crown Engineering Pty Ltd, they have effectively continued the legacy of the family business.

The fourth generation

The new factory at 3 Bronze Street, Sumner Park, was completed. Raymond Suchting becomes managing director, and John Suchting, also a director, remains workshop manager. The first machine to operate in the factory was a newly purchased 520 Est-Ticino manual lathe. All original machinery from Hope street was relocated to the Bronze Street factory.

Ian Suchting’s apprenticeship

John’s second son, Ian, started his apprenticeship as a fitter and machinist.

Purchase of first CNC lathe
We purchased the Hitachi Seiki 5NE.
Crown was growing

A second property was purchased at 36 Boron Street, Sumner Park. The new building was built, and all the CNC machines were relocated to the new factory. Gear cutting and grinding, manual machining and fabrication continued to be completed at 3 Bronze Street.

John retired

John Suchting retired at age 67. A third property was purchased at 567 Boundary Road, Richlands. The first four bays of the new building were purposely built for the assembly of dragline roller circles and larger machinery. However, the main intention of purchasing 15,000 sq/m of land was to eventually locate the entire business onto one parcel of land.

Boron Street

36 Boron Street was sold. Crown leased the property until the completion of the new building at 567 Boundary Road.

The Richlands property was completed

The main building was completed at 567 Boundary Road, Richlands. So as to not disrupt production too much, it was decided to transfer the machinery to the new location with a staged approach.

All CNC machines from Boron Street were relocated to the new building first. Then, the following month, it was the machines from Bronze Street. We started by moving the fabrication and welding machines before the manual machines. Then, in the third month, we moved the gear manufacturing department.

Bronze Street sold

The property at Bronze Street was sold.

1998 - 2009
Buildings #2 - #5 was built on Boundary Road

Crown Engineering installed a heat treatment facility, new rebuild facility,  fabrication and welding facility and a heavy machining facility over these years.

Purchase of 4,500 sq/m of land at 545 Boundary road, Richlands. Property joins onto 567 Boundary road.

A change in leadership

After 38 years in the managing director role, Raymond Suchting stepped aside. Raymond continued as a director of the business and maintains an active role in the estimating and quotation side of the business. Ian Suchting became managing director.

New land purchased

Crown Engineering purchased 9,262 sq/m of vacant land at 37 Acanthus Street, Richlands. The property joins onto the 567 Boundary Road property, thus creating a total land area of 28,762 sq/m. All three properties share adjoining access to each other.

Innovation moving forward

Ray and Ian are still at the helm of Crown Engineering, using their passion for engineering innovation to push the business forward. The pair introduced a heat treatment facility, gear grinding and dimensional inspection, specialist CNC machines and a quality assurance department to the company. They continue to drive innovation in Crown Engineering, pushing what precision means in the world of machining.

It’s the Crown mission to continue pushing the needle on what precision means in the machining industry. The Crown values help us push that needle.

Continuous improvement

We’re never done – that means our designs, our processes, and the quality of the products we deliver. We’re continually improving.

The why

To continue improving, we need to look at the ‘why’. If a part breaks or a material doesn’t go the distance, we don’t just replace it – we work out why.


At Crown Engineering, we keep a team of individuals who share the same commitment to precision and accuracy and pushing what we do into the future.

Quality assurance

To push the quality we provide further, we need to continue assessing and tweaking how we do things. Our stringent quality control and assurance processes push us further.

Geared for precision.

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