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Introducing the P 250 Precision Measuring Centre, cutting-edge technology for maximum safety

The P 250 KLINGELNBERG Precision Measuring Centre

The Crown Engineering team is excited to announce the latest addition to our workshop: Klingelnberg’s P 250 Precision Measuring Centre.

It’s a fully automatic CNC-controlled measuring centre designed for workpiece diameters ranging up to 2,800mm. It’s used to inspect a range of cylindrical gear designs, along with large bevel gearings and worm gears.

The machine will allow the Crown Engineering team to offer even better precision in a faster timeframe, with fast and accurate measurement acquisition.

The P 250 is being installed and commissioned in our climate-controlled metrology facility. We expect it to be operational by the end of February.

The P 250 is here to replace our ageing Hofler 2-metre diameter gear measuring machine. It brings the latest in gear measuring technology, software and operating systems to further enhance our reputation as a supplier of high-precision geared parts.

The machine can measure gears up to 2800mm in diameter with a maximum table load of 15 tonnes. 

With a vertical measuring stroke of 2000mm and a swing away tailstock with the capacity to handle shafting up to 2500mm between centres, it makes for a very broad range of options for measuring integral pinions. 

As well as that, it has the capacity to support up to 15 tonnes on the table, and with the right fixtures, we now have the capability to measure all types of integral mill pinions up to four metres in length.

The Crown Engineering team is excited to further cement the precision we provide, in shorter timeframes with this excellent new piece of equipment.