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Heat Treatment

The team producing world-class products with heat treatment

Crown Engineering has built a reputation based on quality and precision. It’s not just the accuracy of our work that has built this reputation, though. It’s the lifespan of the products we provide. It comes back to our precision, our expertise from design to quality assurance, and the heat treatment of our products – which gives them that longer service life each of our customers expects.

Give your components a longer service life with heat treatment

With a highly-skilled heat treatment team, Crown Engineering heat treats your components using some of the best furnaces in the industry.

Crown Engineering uses four surface-hardening processes

Quench and tempering

A through-hardening process that affects the entire body of steel. This is typically used to alter the mechanical properties of the material.

Case carburising

A localised hardening process that allows us to create a very hard-working surface with a tough internal core. This achieves better performances over standard quench and tempered gearing.

Induction Hardening

Induction hardening minimises the wear and tear of your gear teeth. Crown Engineering has the experience to tackle an array of geared and non-geared products to improve their working life.


Create a case-hardened surface by alloying nitrogen onto the surface of the metal. This service is mostly used on steel but can be adapted to titanium, aluminium and molybdenum.

Need a quick turnaround? Crown Engineering develops a range of ready-to-go parts.

Do you have a faulty part that needs to be replaced as soon as possible? The Crown Engineering team understands how stressful these situations can be.

That’s why we’ve been developing our own range of ready-to-go parts. We might already have what you need. Just ask the team

Why Crown Engineering is the Asia-Pacific’s choice for all things heat treatment

Next-level expertise

Crown Engineering is committed to developing parts and components that last. We’ll guide you to select the best heat treating service for the longest service life.

Pinpoint Accuracy

From the suite of equipment we’ve thoughtfully selected for our workshop to the expertise across our team – we achieve pinpoint accuracy in everything we develop.

Quality Control & Assurance

When you need assured quality in your parts or components, you need Crown Engineering – the team that’s developed their production process around quality.

Geared for precision.

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