Geared for precision

Gear Manufacture

The team producing a world-class fit & finish in gear manufacturing

Crown Engineering is the Asia-Pacific’s choice for the manufacture of gears. It comes back to our considered design approach, the precision we manufacture with, and the longevity of the parts we provide.

Gears & parts manufactured to go the distance

When you need replacement parts or components, you need to know they’ll last. You can have confidence in Crown Engineering.

Need a quick turnaround? Crown Engineering develops a range of ready-to-go parts.

Long wait times and turnarounds can be unrealistic. At Crown Engineering, we know the pressure a faulty part or component can have on your operations. That’s why we manufacture a range of ready-to-go replacement parts and components.

We might already have what you need. Just ask the team.

Cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities

The Crown Engineering team is dedicated to providing the best. It starts with the expert team of engineers and machinists we hire. It’s carried through the top-of-the-line equipment we use. But it ends with the quality we provide through our stringent quality processes.

With Crown Engineering, you can be sure your product will be cutting-edge.

High-precision products for the industries that need them most

Whether you’re in the mining and resources sector, in defence or in the sugar industry, including the operators large and small within them – you need high-precision equipment. 

Crown Engineering has built a name for precision engineering in these sectors.

Why Crown Engineering is the Asia-Pacific’s choice for all things gears.

In-house engineers & draftspersons

Crown Engineering holds a specialist team of in-house engineers and draftspersons with the experience to create precise plans and drawings for the most specific parts.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Our team of specialist engineers and machinists allow us to achieve pinpoint accuracy in the products we develop for you. It’s how we give you confidence in your equipment.

Quality Control & Assurance

Quality standards are prioritised at Crown Engineering. We hold stringent quality processes that ensure we precisely match your brief, develop parts fit-for-purpose, and that they’re built to last.

Geared for precision.

Do you have a project coming up? Get started with Crown Engineering and talk about your gear requirements with a specialist. 

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