Geared for precision

Fitting & Gearbox Rebuilds

The team producing a world-class fit & finish in gearbox rebuilds & specialist fitting

Crown Engineering is the team the Asia-Pacific’s largest construction equipment manufacturers count on for gearbox rebuilds. From new gearbox assemblies to slew bearing and roller circle assemblies, and through the trial and proof assemblies of large or critical components before going to site. No matter the gearbox need, you can be assured it’s geared for precision.

Crown Engineering is relied on by companies in the heavy industries across the Asia-Pacific for the assembly of any engineered components.

Gearboxes assembled to go the distance

The Crown Engineering team takes an accurate and methodical approach to disassemble, inspect, report, repair, re-assemble and test run the gearboxes we rebuild and refurbish. We’ve been trusted with some of the largest gearboxes used in the industry today.

Cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities

The Crown Engineering team has a developed a reputation in the heavy industries for guaranteed accuracy. It starts with our team, who work hard to define the exacting standards of your requirements, is carried by the sheer quality of our equipment, and is completed and assured by our quality team.

High-precision products for the industries that need them most

In the heavy industries especially, precision and accuracy are paramount. Crown Engineering has been supporting some of the largest companies in the mining and resources, energy, sugar, and defence industries in the Asia-Pacific for more than 100 years.

We’re the team geared for precision.

Need a quick turnaround? Crown Engineering develops a range of ready-to-go parts

Do you have a work-halting fault? Do you need a part replaced ASAP? The Crown Engineering team understands the impact faults can have on your business. It’s why we manufacture a range of ready-to-go parts.

We might already have what you need. Just ask the team.

Why Crown Engineering is the Asia-Pacific’s choice for all things gears

In-house engineers & draftspersons

Achieving total accuracy starts with detailed plans that understand exactly what you need your equipment to do. Our team of engineers and draftspersons create highly specific and intentional designs for our team to create precise gearbox components.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Accuracy and precision are essential components of any gearbox rebuild or refurbishment. The Crown Engineering team ensures accuracy through the experts we employ and the suite of equipment we utilise in every rebuild.

Quality Control & Assurance

With a team of highly-experienced engineers specialising in gearbox rebuilds and refurbishments, we’re committed to quality. Our quality control and assurance processes are what help us provide you with the best time and time again.

Geared for precision.

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