Geared for precision

Drafting & Design

Our world-class finishes come back to our designs

Starting from scratch or designed to a list of your requirements and specifications – our team of in-house engineers, designers, and draftspersons create precise product designs and manufacturing drawings for our team. It’s how we achieve the world-class finish and high precision our team is known for.


Considered drafting & design for top-standard quality

The Crown Engineering team is counted on by leading heavy construction teams across the Asia-Pacific region for our top-standard quality in drafting and design.

3D Mechanical Operation

The Crown Engineering engineering team achieves pinpoint accuracy in complex gears, gear trains, and other mechanical components using 3D simulation in Solidworks and AutoCAD Inventor.

3D Stress, Strain and Deflection Analysis

Our engineers work to optimise the finish of each product through stress and strain tests. They’ll analyse the stress and strain by simulating loads on mechanical components. They then use this data to optimise the finished product.

3D Manufacturing Simulation

The Crown Engineering machining and CNC teams work closely with our engineering team. 3D manufacturing simulation allows us to simplify and improve how we manufacture detailed components. It’s how we continue to push the boundaries of manufacturing and deliver accuracy and quality, time and time again.

2D Drawing and Design

The Crown Engineering design team draws and simulates a range of mechanical products and components. As part of our commitment to optimum designs, we take most projects through a simulated operation, load testing, finite element analysis and production simulation. It’s how we optimise the cost, capacity, and manufacturing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The FEA process allows us to provide you with detailed visual evidence of stiffness and strength in the components we provide you with. This is used in the development of design for everything we do – from a single component to the most complex of assemblies. This visual tool allows us to apply bending and twisting motions that show the distribution of stresses and displacements.

Reverse Engineering

When we’re creating a replacement part for your equipment, reverse engineering is often the most intelligent process we can apply to achieve your requirements. Our large range of measuring and manufacturing tools allows us to take a comprehensive approach to this service. The Crown Engineering team can extend the service life of your parts and increase the loads exerted on these components by improving on the original design.

Precisely-designed products for the industries that need them most

The Crown Engineering team has become one relied on by some of the largest companies in the heavy industries across the Asia-Pacific region. Companies across the mining and resources, energy, sugar, and defence industries each rely on our detailed and highly accurate designs to keep their equipment moving.

Why Crown Engineering is the Asia-Pacific’s choice for all things gears

Quality control from the start

Our design and engineering teams are where the precision we provide starts. Crown Engineering begins ensuring quality from the very first iteration of your design.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Accuracy is everything in your components. The entire team at Crown Engineering is committed to precision, but our engineering team helps ensure we achieve it time and time again.

We start with understanding

A good design begins with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and how the component is used. So, that’s exactly where Crown Engineering starts, too.

Geared for precision.

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